And The World Needs This Why?

The world? Not so much. This is all about what Kevin needs.

KK AccelerentKevin Koster is President and Chief Purpose Officer at Skopós, the ongoing evolution of Sandweiss Koster, Inc.. After 25+ years with the firm, he’s seen a lot and needs to unwind. So we gave him this little sandbox in which to play (and sometimes vent.)

Expect to see him go on about how “brand” is such a hijacked word that it might be time to invent a new one. You see, ad agencies don’t create brands. Companies do, starting with a sense of purpose, the right people in the right roles, common goals and inspired processes executed with passion. Activities then drive outcomes. The outcomes make up the brand. Advertising simply communicates it. The development and execution of everything just described is called… wait for it… Marketing. Marketing is the other word that has been hijacked and needs to be replaced. Anyway, you get the idea. So our team developed these concepts and Kevin is rather passionate about talking about them.

You can also expect to see random musings and observations about what is going on in the world and what is going on in Kevin’s head. Not sure which is more dangerous but consider yourself warned regardless.

And if you get bored here, please feel free to visit our grown-up site at: Or visit Kevin’s other little project at


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