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WestJet demonstrates how brand begins with purpose and the right people.

The recent “Christmas Miracle” by Canadian airline WestJet is a wonderfully executed event on several levels. The obvious ones are the seemingly perfectly performed choreography of collecting Christmas gift wishes from passengers at the gate and then having their wishes delivered at their destination via the baggage carousel. The production quality of the video from […]

Like Most “New Media” Articles, This AMC Theatres Story Is Out Of Focus

Here is a typical gushy “new media” article from this week’s Ad Week  . Oh, it’s ON. In one of the best brand-on-brand tweets ever, cinema chain AMC Theatres on Tuesday expressed its displeasure with Oreo after the Nabisco brand asked fans if they ever sneak cookies into a movie. “NOT COOL, COOKIE” admonished @AMCTheatres, which sparked an […]

Brand is so much more than logo-deep.

If there is one thing that we try to preach to clients over and over it is that the insanely overused and usually under-defined word “brand” is much more than logos, slogans, jingles and color palates.  It’s experience, culture, attitude, promise, history, expectation, noble cause and so much more.  It’s built from the inside-out. Not […]