Observing The Differences Between Men and Women

Nell Hills is a home furnishings and decor institution in Atchison, Kansas with a Kansas City location in Briarcliff Village. I recall when they first opened in Briarcliff, seeing tour busses filled with pilgrims from Olathe lined up in the parking lot. No, I’m not exaggerating though the busses might also have been from Lee’s Summit.

Nell Hills is located next to Trezo Mare, a fine restaurant with one of the finest bars in the Northland. At one point it became known as a place to find older men simply because there were so many there killing time while their wives were shopping next door.

20130306garrityThe proprietress, Mary Carol Garrity, is a nationally known author and retailer, and has a following of loyal shoppers and evangelists that would make ANY brand jealous, making her fun to watch. I can’t tell you if she knows what the word “skopós” means, but having met her I can assure you that she knows what hers is.

Due to our firm’s location in the Briarcliff complex, I receive seasonal emails from Nell Hills. Today’s was entitled, 3 Ways to Make Your Home Cozy for Winter.

I like being cozy and wondered what the 3 ways might be. My first thought was, “Make Sure Your Furnace Is Working.” Mary Carol suggests first, “Add a Snuggly Throw.” Ok, not exactly a furnace but I get it. A snuggly throw and a working furnace are sure to ensure a cozy home.

Very bad dogMy second thought was, “Get a Dog.” Mary Carol says, “Pop In Winter Pillows.” Again, totally compatible as everyone knows dogs love pillows.

Finally I thought, “Make Sure There Is Always Leftover Chili In The Refrigerator.” Mary Carol, remaining disciplined within her genre suggests, “Add the Warmth and Aroma of a Winter Candle.” Here you would have to be careful that the aroma does not compete with the chili. Do they make a cornbread candle? If not, one might want to opt instead for another log on the fire and fresh cornbread in the oven.

Clearly, I would not last a week in competition with Mrs. Garrity. But I imagine I could make a pretty penny with a chili bar next door.




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