Thanks Royals. Now, Can You Remind Me What I Was Doing Before The Playoffs?

What an incredible run by the Royals and what a great time to be from Kansas City. The magic of the Royals these past few weeks reached far beyond the confines of the K. This region was brought together as one in a way that civic leaders and politicians would not dare dream. For a month there was no state line and no north and south. Everyone was simply a Kansas Citian and in a good mood. And life was good.

Let’s see how long we can make it last.

The Royal October (aka oKCtober) also provided a remarkable example of how our firm’s brand management philosophy works. The Royals did not turn things around with an outside-in “rebrand” of new logos, slogans and a big media spend. They turned it around from the inside-out with new purpose (skopós) and people. The eventual result was so powerful that all the money they’ve spent on advertising since 1985 would not have achieved October’s flood of new support and income from merchandise sales.

Please read more here and remember, it’s less than 4 months until spring training.



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